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The Adventurer’s Closet: A Self Storage Story


The following post is about a long-time Greenbox Self Storage customer who was so kind to share his amazing and unique story with us. Enjoy!


Rich had never really been into “stuff.” From a young, poor age this anti-materialistic sentiment was instilled upon him by his father, a talented rock climber and self-proclaimed “dirtbag” (Not do be mistaken as an unpleasant person, the term “dirtbag” in the rock climbing world refers to a person traveling far and wide in search of the best climbing routes, living out of a car, living wild and free, etc.). Rich spent his young years traversing the great outdoors with his father, climbing every rock face presented to them. He lived out of a beat up, old station wagon for three years, homeschooled until high school by his father, his mother never in the picture.

“We didn’t have money for anything,” Rich told me, now much older. “No money for food, for a home. If we knew it was an option, we’d probably rather sleep in a self storage unit, let alone use it for possessions, of which there were few.”

Rich’s life became more stable when he entered high school in a Denver suburb. He was taken in by his aunt and uncle who looked after him. They held him accountable for his grades and he made new friends. But his studies and social life never took him away from adventuring outdoors.

“I joined the climbing team at my school. I took backcountry skiing classes and got out to the mountains every chance I could get. I still went on trips with my dad and took my friends along too. Nothing was going to keep me from living an exciting life. But I also didn’t want to end up like my father. I wanted to find the happy medium. I needed to think about what I wanted to be when I grew up.”

Rich attended Community College of Denver and earned his degree in Environmental Science. His passion for the outdoors merged with preservation of the environment he loves.

“In college I became aware of how delicate the natural world, ecosystems, and wildlife really was, and the threat all of it was under by humans and climate change. It made me want to stand up for it, to do something about it.”

After college he became a ski instructor in the winters and a climbing instructor in the summers for a few years. He enrolled in online classes to further his degree and eventually he landed himself a job as a Natural Resource Specialist.

“I make a decent living now, and I’m always outdoors. I have more money than my father ever had and I still get to do all the things he did and more. I got into rafting, snowboarding, slacklining, hang gliding. I was accumulating so much gear, so much stuff I didn’t know where to put it all.”

A quick Google search brought Rich to Greenbox Self Storage where he first rented out a 10x5 storage unit at our Centennial Storage facility. He filled the storage unit with his out-of-season gear.

“I probably have the most stuff of anyone who has ever cried about people having too much stuff,” he joked. “But this is the kind of stuff that allows for great adventures like the ones I seek. My house isn’t huge, so a clean storage unit just made sense.”

The proximity to his house wasn’t the only reason Rich chose Greenbox Self Storage.

“Greenbox stands for everything I stand for today. The solar panels generate clean, renewable energy. They eliminate the need for paper and preach smart, sustainable business practices. It was the only choice for me.”


If you have a unique self storage story, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at so we can feature you and your business on our blog!