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Go Green Like Greenbox Centennial Self Storage


Many businesses in today’s markets are facing high levels of saturation and competition. It has become ever more imperative for brands to differentiate, to find that special thing that separates them from the crowd. Apart from being a responsible and healthy move, going green can raise your company out of this mess of lookalikes. Just south of Denver, our newest self-storage facility in Centennial is helping our business put distance between us and our competitors. Our 113,000 square foot building at 8115 Chester St has 957 storage units of varying sizes from 5x5 up to 10x30, proving size doesn’t matter when it comes to going green. Not only can you save the environment and position yourself as a responsible brand in the eyes of your customers, but in the long run, you’ll save yourselves loads of money.

1. Ditch the paper

Make the switch to post-consumer waste (PCW) or skip paper altogether, it’s the way the world is moving. And when you HAVE to print, go with eco-friendly paper. PCW paper uses 45% less energy to manufacture and creates half the waste of traditional paper. Office Depot offers many recycled paper options.

Send confirmations via email, send pdf documents and take down signatures electronically. Greenbox Centennial Self Storage utilizes digital signatures on electronic contracts, reducing paper and toner waste and costs.

2. Use ‘clean’ cleaners

Biodegradable cleaning products are natural and reduce your exposure to airborne toxins. Apart from human health, these cleaning products don’t harm the environment as many contain baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Soaps can be vegetable-based and contain water-soluble salt as a good substance for scrubbing. These products can be found at many common stores such as Home Depot and Wal Mart.

3. Get Smart with your Lighting

CFL and LED lights may be slightly more expensive than your average incandescent bulbs, but they last longer and use much less energy. You can save a whopping $200 in energy per bulb by making the switch. Greenbox Centennial uses all motion-activated LED lighting throughout the building to make sure energy is only being used when needed.

4. Go with Green appliances

At Greenbox, we try to use only Energy Star appliances. Energy Star labels help tell you your energy and cash spending with a given appliance. Our Centennial self-storage facility uses refrigerators, coffee makers, and more appliances that helps us save money and reduce the amount of energy we use.

5. Energy Audit

Sometimes simple changes can have huge impacts on energy savings. States offer free energy audits for homes and businesses to show you where you can improve. Sealing leaks and cracks have been found to cut up to 20% off heating and cooling costs. With self-storage facilities and other large-volume warehouses, cracks can be killers. Seal them up and watch your prices drop.

6. Recycle

At Greenbox, it has been our strategy from the get-go to recycle everything we can. But it goes further than that. When it comes to shopping and purchasing, we make sure its always part of our thought process to ‘think green.’ Buy used or vintage furniture. Wash your plates and silverware instead of using paper and plastic. Conservation is the bedrock of earth-friendly business practices. Greenbox offers reusable moving bins customers can rent to reduce the number of cardboard boxes they have to buy. Its just another way Greenbox is moving self-storage forward.

7. Solar is the Future

Our Greenbox Centennial self-storage facility is 100% solar powered. Our 650 individual solar panels sit high and proud on top of our building and produce enough clean electricity to power about 30 homes each year! And although solar panels are pretty cool, it doesn’t mean every business needs them to make an impact. In many states across the US you can sign up to purchase ‘green power’ from your current utility provider. This power is generated from renewable sources, whether it be solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, wind and even plant matter. Best of all, green energy costs are the lowest they’ve ever been and will continue to decline as the technology advances.


We encourage anyone to come in to either our Centennial storage facility or any of our three Denver offices and take a tour, ask questions, and find out how you can make your business or home more earth-friendly. We’re a new kind of self-storage company and we’re proud of our differentiating practices. Follow us on social media for more storage and environmental tips.