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Featured Greenbox Customers: Jacob & Kaitlyn


It began as a dream. But unlike most dreams, this one just so happened to become reality. Like many of our customers, Jacob called up Greenbox without any prior knowledge of how self-storage worked. Our managers were quick to find out what size storage unit would be best for his needs.

It started with a simple question: “How much stuff do you have?”

Jacob replied with a simple answer: “A lot.” Followed by. “Most of my stuff.”

Jacob and Kaitlyn had married earlier in the year up in Estes Park. Sharing a love for Colorado and the mountains was not the only commonality that allowed for their relationship to blossom. Both had a love for graphic design and found careers doing just that. Jacob worked for a design agency while Kaitlyn had worked freelance for some time. Their tethers to the corporate world were soon cut when Jacob decided to take on freelance design himself.

Their long-standing dream to work and travel seamlessly came to fruition when they purchased their RV. “It’s a work in progress,” Jacob told us. “Every day we’ve been fixing it up to our liking. It is our new home after all.” From there the plan was simple: Don’t renew the apartment lease, throw our precious belongings in self-storage, and hit the road.

Over the next 3 months, Jacob and Kaitlyn would head Southwest to Southern California and make their way up the coast to Vancouver. A solid foundation of clients plus a mapped-out route of coffee shops with wifi access would keep the money flowing in on their adventure. At the end of the three months, the duo plans to return to Colorado for the wedding of a good friend. From there…it’s all up in the air.

“We had the first 3 months planned out,” says Jacob in his usual laidback tone. “After our friend’s wedding, we aren’t too sure. We were thinking of eventually buying a house in Colorado, further out in the mountains. But I could also see us heading East on another trip. Whether its three months or two years, we know all our stuff will be safe and sound at Greenbox, waiting for us when we return.”

Jacob first heard of Greenbox from a neighbor who rents a unit at the same facility.

“We were attracted to the free moving truck and the price,” Jacob told us. “Once we found out the building was powered by solar energy, we were dead set.”

All of us at Greenbox wish Jacob and Kaitlyn safe and happy travels on their adventure. We love hearing unique customer stories such as this and we’re happy we can be there to ensure our customers’ peace of mind knowing their belongings are safe and sound in one of our secure storage units.

We have solar powered, green energy facilities throughout Denver and Centennial. Stop by to inquire about our units and facility. Share with us your story. We’d love to feature you in our blog and social media!