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An Interview with Vivian, Manager of Greenbox Self Storage in Centennial


For those of you who have stored at/visited Greenbox Self Storage in Centennial, Colorado, you would have most certainly been greeted by our wonderful, personable, hard-working facility manager Vivian. We have received a number of positive reviews about the service provided by Vivian and we couldn’t be happier having here run our Centennial self storage facility with her positivity, focus and drive. We decided we would sit down her to learn a little more about who she is and why she enjoys working at Greenbox Self Storage Centennial.


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Interviewer: Hi Vivian. How are you today?

Vivian: I’m great! It’s a beautiful day here at Greenbox Self Storage in Centennial.

(We both laugh because this is how Vivian always answers the phone.)

Interviewer: So Vivian, where were you originally from and how did you come to make the Denver area your home?

Vivian: I’m originally from Florida. Miami, to be exact. Growing up in the heat and humidity of Southern Florida, I didn’t see snow until I was a teenager. My family took a ski trip to Colorado and I fell in love with the snow, mountains and beautiful views. I knew from that age that I preferred the mountains over the beach…Though the beach is a close second.

Interviewer: So, what do you like most about Denver?

Vivian: The city has its perks. The people are amazing and down to earth. Denver is becoming a mixing pot of people from all over. There are so many stories to be heard from different walks of life. But I have to say, I prefer the mountains over the city. I’ve never been a city girl per se.

Interviewer: How did you get into the self storage industry?

Vivian: I've been in customer service for a long time. I love helping people and figured the self storage industry was perfect. I am able to help customers with the stress of moving, making their experience a great one.

Interviewer: And you’ve been doing a great job at that! What specifically attracted you to Greenbox Self Storage in Centennial?

Vivian: Everything that Greenbox stands for: earth friendly, solar powered facilities, LEED certified buildings. I had to become part of an organization that aligns with my own values. And Greenbox certainly does that.

Interviewer: What is your favorite part of an average workday?

Vivian: I love giving tours of our new, clean Centennial self storage facility! I like showing off images of our awesome rooftop solar panels and giving our tenants, as well as our potential tenants, pride in where they store. Interacting with people is the best part of my day.

Interviewer: If you could provide one piece of useful information for a newbie to self storage, what would that be?

Vivian: That it does matter where you store! Store your belongings in a temperature-controlled unit, that is safe and clean! Do your research, compare facilities, and tour the facility before moving in. Let me show you around!

Interviewer: What are your favorite things to do outside of work in Centennial, Denver or elsewhere?

Vivian: Spending time with family by taking in nature, hiking, outdoor yoga and biking. We live in this magnificent and beautiful state with so much to offer. Being outside with the people I love fills me with so much joy.


Vivian was quick to return to giving tours of the facility. We were so happy she took the time to speak with us so that we can share this information with our readers.

If you are in need of storage units in Centennial, Colorado, be sure to drop by our Greenbox facility on Chester Street right across from the Ikea. Vivian and our Assistant Manager Amber will be there to greet you with kind smiles, excellent customer service, and ready to answer your questions and show off our Centennial storage facility!