Greenbox Self Storage in Denver has a storage protection plan

Greenbox Self Storage Protection Plan

Greenbox Self Storage offers every customer its Greenbox Storage Protection Plan to extend coverage to our customers in the event of a loss. Customers who opt-in to this feature have a Zero Dollar Deductible in the event of a claim. Because of the no-deductible plan, many of our customers use the Greenbox Storage Protection Plan as a secondary plan to cover the gap between their homeowners or renters insurance policies.

Is Greenbox Self Storage Responsible for My Items?

By definition, self-storage properties do not exercise care, custody or control over your stored goods and therefore have no liability for any goods stored on the property. This means that any self-storage provider, including Greenbox Self Storage, is not responsible for the goods held within the property. Each customer’s lease agreement outlines these terms and reiterates that the customer is held responsible for stored items and promises to never store items that are prohibited or illegal.

For this reason, Greenbox Self Storage requires that every customer carry insurance through their homeowners, renters, or business policies or opt in to the Greenbox Storage Protection Plan to ensure maximum protection for their belongings within their storage units.

What Is the Greenbox Storage Protection Plan?

  • Your Greenbox Self Storage lease requires that you provide evidence of coverage against loss for your belongings. Opting into the Greenbox Storage Protection Plan is one of the easiest ways to satisfy that lease requirement.
  • The Greenbox Storage Protection Plan is not an insurance policy; it’s a way for Greenbox Self Storage to accept a certain amount of liability for losses under certain circumstances.
  • This plan has no deductible. If you already have a renters insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy, it may not cover storage outside the home, or it may have high deductible.
  • This plan can be used in addition to your homeowners, business or renter’s policy.
  • There are three levels of coverage that cover loss against fire, smoke damage, theft and most types of water damage excluding flood.
    • $10.00 per month with a loss limit of $2,500
    • $15.00 per month with a loss limit of $3,500
    • $20.00 per month with a loss limit of $5,000
  • Not every loss is covered and not every item you might place in storage is covered. For specifics please refer to your lease for complete details of the Greenbox Storage Protection Plan.

How to File a Greenbox Storage Protection Plan Loss Report

If you have experienced loss or damage, see your local storage manager immediately. Do not remove any items from your storage unit. The store manager will give you a form to fill out or you can download it here from our website. He or she will take pictures and fill out his or her own report paperwork. If forced-entry theft is involved, we will need to file a police report. The reports will then be quickly reviewed by our claims department before issuing you a check for your loss.